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Martin H. Consulting | Leadership and Business Support

Specialist in Hospitality & Leisure

Consultant in Leadership and Business Development specialising in Hospitality and Multi Unit Leadership - helping others achieve more

Multi-Unit Leadership Toolkit – To support new or potential multi unit managers achieving results quickly or to help refresh and re-orientate existing multi -unit managers.

£400-£560 per delegate in house, £500-£760 at www.thesuccessfactory.co.uk

Hospitality Leadership – Application of knowledge worker leadership to unleash potential and maximise performance in hospitality leadership at all levels.

£500-£660 per delegate in house, £650-£910 at  www.thesuccessfactory.co.uk

“Martin is an exceptional operator with a real ability to deliver great results through people. He has a friendly, personable style underpinned by clarity of thinking and clear decision making. A pleasure to work with.” Matthew Deane, Customer Marketing, Molson Coors Brewing UK

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